If you’re looking for an experience of a lifetime that will add more fun to your trip in Seychelles, then zip-lining is for you! With your adrenaline hiking as you whizz through the air, be prepared for enjoyable and cooling fun that will last approximately 1hour30minutes. The experience will take you through a course of 8 zip lines designed to delight nature lovers and equally excite seekers.
When booking this excursion, transfer will be provided to and from our base, where you will spend hours getting psyched as you fly over this wild landscape!
Important Information
-Participants must be at least 4yrs old and over.
-Zip-lining is intended for guests in good physical condition.
-Guests with seizure disorders, current injuries and/or persistent reoccurring medical conditions.
-Pregnant women should not consider taking this tour.
-Group’s tours start at 10.00am and 14.00pm only.
-Private tours are organized upon your request.

It all begins at your accommodation. From there, enjoy an entertaining drive to the west of the main Island. When you arrive at our base, you will suit up in gear that meets the highest standards of safety while your highly trained guide tells you what to expect and how to safely navigate the course. You will transfer into our club car necessary for getting up our rugged mountain road. You will then be led to the take- off zone, where you will clip in and fly away soaring through a course of 8 zip lines, the longest measuring 120metres. After completing the course, pat yourself, say goodbye to your guides, and enjoy your last ride back where you started.


What to wear:
• Shoes/Sandals
• Shorts

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