Water Sport

Water Sport Activity
Whether this is your first visit to the exotic island of Seychelles or you’re a seasoned veteran, you can’t miss out on the variety of water sports this island offers.
At Tours & Excursion Seychelles, we provide the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy many water sports including jet skiing, fly boarding, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, snorkeling and parasailing.
It is not advisable to let yourself dehydrate in a tropical island like ours. Tropical sun can also cause sunstroke; therefore high self-maintenance is required. Strapped into a parachute, winched up into the air and floating 90metres above Beau-Vallon Bay isn’t the most obvious way to overcome such a condition – but, surprisingly, it worked for me, thanks to the panoramic vistas, cool breeze and sheer effortlessness. Parasailing is great for all ages and abilities. Slow or twin glides are available, and, in most cases, your feet will never touch the water.

• You must arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled reservation time to fill out your safety
and liability forms, make payment, receive your safety briefing and get your life jackets fitted.
• 18 yrs. of age and up to rent the jet ski
• 16 & 17 yr. old may drive with a proof of age and a parent or guardian present
• 13, 14 & 15 yr. old may drive with a proof of age and a parent or guardian present
• Each rental allows for two adult riders or one adult and one small children


A taxi will be booked when reserving this excursion to and from your accommodation.

Excitement for All!

Our choice of unguided or guided use allows you to enjoy jet skiing on Seychelles, however you wish!

Explore the waters of Seychelles for 20 minutes.


Price Range: €10 – €200