Marine Park Boat Excursion

Marine Park Boat Excursion

Imagine experiencing the natural underwater sea life! Yes, with our Marine Park Excursion, you get to enjoy the captivating underwater beauty and their surroundings. We have organized the perfect excursion for individuals or groups who would like a taste of a day snorkeling, fish feeding, visit to nearby Island and relaxing. As you glide effortlessly among colorful fish, sea turtles, dolphins, and colorful coral formations. Seychelles Marine Park unravels the natural fascinating blue ocean whilst you sit back in comfort and awe. Depending on what you are seeking, we offer different packages fixed to your choice.

Whether or not you’re a good swimmer we also have different vessels set to your needs, from a Glass Bottom Boat to Luxury yacht (see our fleet below).
All Marine Park Excursion are inclusive of Transfers, Snorkeling gear, lunch/BBQ (Special meals may be requested upon reservation), Soft drinks and Marine Park fee.
There’s only one thing to do, Book your packages/vessel that’s best suit you.

Our chauffeur will pick you up at 09:00hrs from accommodation to the jetty. The day will start with snorkeling in St Anne Marine Park-(Roughly 20 minutes from Mahé by slow boat, this Marine National Park has one of the largest areas of sea grass of the granitic islands where green and hawksbill turtles are often found. Bottlenose Dolphins also frequent the park. Ste. Anne Island was the location of Seychelles’ first settlement in 1770, away from the once crocodile-infested swamps on Mahé. Once a whaling station, during the Second World War Ste. Anne was also a base for the Royal Marines defending Victoria Harbor. It is alleged that there is a rich treasure buried on nearby Moyenne Island while Round Island was once a leper colony. The Ste. Anne Marine National Park is an important part of the natural and cultural heritage of the Seychellois people. We ask that you leave behind nothing but your footsteps and take away no more than photographs and memories).
The excursion will follow by lunch/BBQ on Moyenne Island- (a small island (0.099km2 or 0.038 sq m) in the St Anne National Marine Park off the north coast of Mahe Seychelles. Since the 1970s it has been a flora and fauna reserve. From 1915 until the 1970s, the island was abandoned until its purchase by Brendon Grimshaw, a former newspaper editor; originally from Dewsbury in Yorkshire, England.Grimshaw was the only inhabitant of the island until his death in July 2012).
(There are rumors that pirate treasure is buried on the island. Grimshaw made two major digs and found some evidence of man-made hiding places, but no gold or other treasure has been found as of yet. There are two graves on the island which have been said to be those of pirates, although this cannot be confirmed. His father was also buried on the island.
We have organized an hour specifically for exploring the Island. After lunch, pat yourself and enjoy the cruise back where you started. If time permitting you are free to snorkel a bit more as we return to base. From there transportation will be available back to your accommodation.

• Full Day In Groups (7hrs)
• Full Day Private (7hrs)
• Half Day Private(4hrs)

Our Fleet:
• 34ft Glass Bottom Boat
• 34ft Open Boat
• 44ft Open Boat
• Luxury Yacht

What to Bring:
Swimming Costume

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